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White Street Coffee: Where You Get MORE THAN Your Money’s Worth

Where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_classic-club
Classic Club, Php195…this was the perfect food from a blogger’s perspective because it was easy to eat as I was taking pictures of the other offerings. It didn’t hurt that it was deliciously prepared with generous portions of each stuffing
Where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_caramel
Salted Caramel Ice Blended, Php150/160/170…it is good to note that the salted caramel is infused in the frappe itself rather than just added as topping

No, this is not another cafe located in the posh district of Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig where you have to brave the Metro Manila traffic to reach, pay sky high prices to enjoy while you’re not really sure if it is at all worth it. Sorry for that long sentence, hehe. At the onset, I would just like to be clear that I am in no way against establishments in BGC. I enjoy sampling cafes and restaurants there whenever I go to the south. Indeed, as a foodie destination, BGC has got a lot to offer, projects high quality and subsequently demands high prices. It seems that this is the place-to-build for entrepreneurs wanting to offer high quality products sold in stunningly designed stores…but not for the owners of White Street Coffee. They decided to build their dream cafe right here in Bulacan, at the heart of Meycauayan City, YEY!!! So if you’re around here and looking for where to eat in Bulacan, make a stop over at White Street Coffee, which is very near Meycauayan NLEX Exit, and get more than your money’s worth!

where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_iced-mocha
Iced Mocha, Php130/145…this is one of their best sellers
where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_tocilog
Tocilog, Php195..I had this way before this collaboration feature and this is one of the reasons I fell in love with the place. I especially appreciate their very good vinegar, which I found out the sisters were also very particular about (yey to vinegar lovers!!!)
where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_caramel-macchiato
Caramel Macchiato, Php130/145…you can really taste the caramelly goodness infused in the coffee

According to the three sisters, they built White Street Coffee with all the best features they dreamt a cafe should have, in mind. They want it to be a place where they themselves would like to go to again and again. They succeeded as far as I am concerned because I certainly would like to go there again and again.  Their meticulousness and high standards easily shine through in every nook and cranny of the elegant place and of course in all the food and drinks. It is apparent that every element was carefully thought about – from the measures to the look and from the taste to the presentation.  The cafe opened last March but is still on soft launch because the sisters are giving themselves ample time to work on all the kinks and improve on what can be improved on in consideration of customer feedbacks. I sensed the perfectionist in them (I can very much relate) but as they have said, it is just how it should be.

where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_fried-chicken
Juicylicious Fried Chicken…you can either order 2pcs of this with rice and mojos for Php195 or 5pcs with mojos for Php445…if you love fried chicken, better get more coz you’ll fight over this like my husband and younger sister did (o kami lang ang ganun? =p)
where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_mojos
Mojos with Homemade Dip, Php180/210…they use fresh potatoes!
where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_chocolate-waffle
Chocolate Chip Overload Waffle, Php160…yum yum yum!

So given the status quo and the trends, White Street Coffee seems more suited in the streets of BGC with its high quality products (gourmet) and stunning store. However, they’d be out of place just because of their prices. For reference, a smoothie at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, one of the more popular food spots in BGC, go for Php240. On the other hand, White Street Coffee prices are comparable to Starbucks. BUT, and it is a big BUT, the quality of White Street Coffee products exceeds that of the beloved cafe. White Street Coffee offer meticulously developed gourmet coffee blends (60% Brazilian and 40% Sumatra) and savories. They use fresh ingredients and even cook their own caramel from scratch.

where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_spaghetti-bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese, Php 140…this is made Filipino style – on the sweet side, so kids will definitely enjoy this. Plus, notice their glasswares and utensils. Everything here just screams high quality
where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_spicy-sardines-pasta
Spicy Sardines Pasta, Php170…LOVE THIS!!!
where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_mango-cheesecake
Mango Cheesecake, I am not sure how much this sells for because it is not yet in their official menu. Anyways, this is a caffeinated drink that is literally liquified cheesecake, complete with fresh mangoes and graham. UNIQUE!

Often high quality products and services come with high prices, and I respect that but I would most probably try only once. Rarely, something the caliber of White Street Coffee comes along offering high quality products and yet relatively lower prices, and I admire that and I am hooked for life. Keep up the great work please ^_^

where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_flat-white
Flat White, Php125/140…I am not really a coffee drinker so it is no surprise that it is my first time to drink this kind of preparation, which is actually the inspiration for the name of the place
Ham and Cheese Turnover Waffle, Php160…for those who love the marriage of salt and sweet flavors (like me ^_^), this is for you

By the way, they carry cakes by Purple Oven, which used to supply cakes for Starbucks before. Their cakes are AWESOME!!! You definitely have to try their Dark Chocolate Sansrival (shown below)! On an entrepreneurial side note, it is very wise of the owners to get these tried and tested high quality cakes instead of producing their own at this stage. Development and production of good (especially great) cakes are no joke and will take so much time and effort. Probably in the future…



where to eat in bulacan - white-street-coffee_almond
Choco Almond Jelly (under development)…so exciting to be the first to sample this new non-caffeinated drink. It’s another unique item like the Mango Cheesecake creation that you can look forward to here


Address: G/F Sterling Square, Camalig Road, Meycauayan, Bulacan

Opening Hours: M-Th > 11AM to 9PM; F-Su > 11AM to 12MN

Parking: Spacious

WiFi: Yes

Electrical Outlet: Yes

Price Range (for 2): Php400-600

Where to Eat in Bulacan: WHITE STREET COFFEE MENU


Disclosure: The dishes featured here are all courtesy of White Street Coffee (except the slice of cake and the tocilog from a previous visit) but this article was written with my independent thoughts, biases, opinions, and insights.  

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