Beyond EATS: Our Deeper Purpose

I am a travel foodie and I get the feeling that you are a travel foodie yourself…hello hello kindred tummy! You definitely understand the excitement, giddiness and happiness that comes with experiencing delicious EATS and the need to find them everywhere we go. Yes, we love to travel and see the beauty of the world but we’re not satisfied with just that. We go deeper into the culture of the places we go to and get to know the people by eating our way around. I am in total agreement with Deborah Cater who said โ€œYou have to taste a culture to understand itโ€ and that is essentially the deeper purpose of The BuckEAT List journey. But I go further, I eat food not just to understand the culture where it’s from but to celebrate that culture, connect with it and learn from it. I endeavor to celebrate the heritage, hard work, creativity, devotion and generosity behind every great food. I foster respect and gratitude for the diversity and history food represents. No, I’m not just talking about food from faraway places. I believe that every food, near or far and even our mom’s cooking, represents a culture that we need to approach with a “travel foodie mindset”. That mindset that makes us more open, mindful, aware, thoughtful and thankful. 


What is The BuckEAT List all about? 

How we got here: Our Story

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