What is the The BuckEAT List all about?

The BuckEAT List is an online FOOD+TRAVEL journal documenting my journey towards finding the most delicious eats in every corner of the world, starting with my very own delicious country, the Philippines. Over the last couple of years, I have grown passionate about showcasing and celebrating the still underrated deliciousness in this country. This is not only geared towards encouraging foreigners to come and experience our diverse, unique and ingenious food but for all Filipinos to appreciate it as well. I have observed that locals, including myself (guilty! =p), are not really aware of just how wonderful and colorful our cuisine is from the north to the south. Filipino food is waaaaay beyond adobo or balut. There is so much to be proud and loud about but because we, Filipinos don’t recognize as much, we can’t share as much. It is therefore no surprise, yet still saddening, to not see or hear more about Filipino food being enjoyed and recommended globally. I say the world is missing a lot from not being able to experience Filipino food and so I have taken it upon myself to find deliciousness in every province of this country, share them with you and be your guide. 

I recognize that the most delicious food experiences are not always the most popular online or widely documented just as Filipino food is not very much out there (yet) so I intend to go as deep and wide as I can on-ground here, to find out the real D (D for delicious! =p). I hope to lead you to Philippine EATS that are worth adding to your buckEAT list and worth your every cent and calorie! 

Of course, I start my search with online information and use that as a benchmark once I am on-ground but that is just the beginning. I make sure to ask locals and explore the road less traveled to ensure that I’ll be able to lead you to ONLY THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD EXPERIENCES. Ultimately, I hope that this blog becomes your #1 guide towards deliciousness wherever you plan to go right around here. Aside from food-related guides and features (EATS), I also share here SIGHTS, RECIPES and  STORIES that come along the journey. Surely, a travel foodie like you can find something drool-worthy, helpful and even inspiring here at The BuckEAT List!

– Lesley ^_^


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