What is a Recipe Guide?

My Recipe Guides are not your typical printable recipes. It is less and more at the same time. See sample below:

Easy Homemade Ice Cream_Recipe Guide


Because directions are condensed into keywords and organised accordingly for ease of reading, understanding and following. It is therefore less likely for you to commit mistakes just from failure to thoroughly review paragraphs upon paragraphs of recipe beforehand. I don’t know about you but I have to admit that I don’t abide by this recommended ideal most of the time. I just seem to be too busy or too excited for that, hehe.

Nonetheless, I have developed the habit of rewriting recipes to better guide me as I cook. I just use key action words, the tool needed and setting (if applicable), expected time to perform the task and sensory guides. This is what I want to share with you in My Recipe Guides, which you can download in pdf. I designed this original template with the typical home baker in mind. I am certain it’ll be a big help to you as it is for me. Please do share what your experience will be using My Recipe Guides and any ideas you’ll have on how to improve it further.


Because amount of ingredients are expressed in volume, metric and imperial measurements to suit everyone’s familiarity but still presented cleanly for easy viewing. It is also more visual because I use tables and icons. I also repeat the amount of ingredients needed in the Directions so you don’t have to return your gaze onto the Ingredients. Typical recipes are not presented this way. Probably because of the assumption that you have measured all your ingredients into separate bowls before attempting any step. Let’s be real though, how many of us really do it like that? I can only speak for myself (of course) but I have to say it’s another ideal that I can’t faithfully live by at home. I’d probably enjoy that if someone prepares it for me like in cooking shows =D.

By the way, I am sharing this as a link before the typical recipe card within the post because it’s too complicated for my web development knowledge to embed this onto the web page perse.


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