Want to Fall in Love? Go to Surf Burger Restaurant!

Just a wild thought…how about fill up the restaurant floor with fine white sand??? =D
The interior sure looks like a beautiful beach is just outside
Beer Cheese Bacon Burger, Php175…MY FAVORITE!!!

I am neither a surfer nor have I tried surfing in all of my life. Although I almost did when I went to a spontaneous trip to Zambales with my husband, my sister and her boyfriend. My husband was itching to surf then but we had limited time so we ended up just visiting Nangoloan Falls and Capones Island. Okay, we could have surfed instead of going to Capones Island but my sister and I weren’t really into surfing and we won, hehe. Nonetheless, I am intrigued by the popularity of the sport and the accompanying enthusiasm of those who have tried it no matter how short their experience may be. I am even more intrigued now after getting to know about the history of the cool and hip Surf Burger restaurant. Contrary to my guess, none of the five owners is a surfer. One of them just happened to have tried surfing once in Baler, Aurora and it stuck with him. He got inspired and conceptualized the restaurant and developed the products around the idea of surfing. Interesting! So this got me reading a little more about the sport and I am getting that it is at first intimidatingly out of the ordinary but turns out to be a lot of fun and it will make you helplessly fall in love with it. Wait! This sure sounds like my eating experience at Surf Burger as well (without the muscle soreness of course, haha! =D). 

Sabang, Php125…the quirky names of their pasta dishes are a lot of fun (Sabang is a beach known for surfing in Baler, Aurora)
Cookies and Cream Sundae
Ultimate Cheesy Mushroom Burger, Php249…let me just say that Surf Burger’s signature sauces are amazing!!!

The delicious mess above is Surf Burger’s Ultimate Cheesy Mushroom Burger. As you can see, it is enourmous and exploding with different textures and flavors. I have to say that it is the representation of the surfing experience as I have stated above. At first, it was overwhelming to look at and I seriously stopped for a while to determine how I could ‘optimally’ eat it. I wanted to bite onto every component there is at once and enjoy its wholeness rather than cut it bit by bit for poise’s sake. I believe that there are foods that are best eaten with hand and burger is definitely one of them. Pizza, donuts and fries are also included. So anyways, I placed one half of that burger on top of the other, pressed it into place and had a full satisfying bite. It was definitely more fun to eat it that way and it was just a lot of fun to eat here all in all.

Mocha Shake, Php105…I do not really like the mocha flavor in general BUT I AM LOVING IT IN THIS!!! Definitely A MUST TRY!
Pres. Quezon, Php115…this is their version of Carbonara

I can’t help but fall in love with this place for their food and the apparent dedication and thoughtfulness that went with its development. Every bite and sip is a delicious revelation that will make you mentally schedule your next visit sooner each time. I avoid going overboard with my description to avoid unnecessary disappointments from way too high expectations but I believe that this two-year old restaurant can take it. Simply, they are in it to win it! They have high quality products, indulgent portioning and fair pricing so how can they really go wrong? Actually, they kind of did. They had the happy problem of not being able to serve unimaginable numbers of visitors last June, ‘The Craze’ as they call it. After a slow month of May, they were suddenly swamped with guests who are waiting in line just to eat the following month. They were surprised and were not exactly prepared to respond to ‘The Miraculous Catch’, as I would like to pertain to it. They had to turn down some of the customers and close the store earlier. This left some people unhappy and ranting on Surf Burger’s Facebook Page but nonetheless, this is a testament to their excellence. Moreover, the owners, especially Magie, who heads Marketing and Operations, made it a point to personally apologize to each one. Again, another testament to their excellence, this time, of character.

Beautiful girls with beautiful big appetites, hehe ^_^

Magie was the one who accommodated my husband and I along with three of our friends when we went to Surf Burger. She and her best friend, their husbands and one other friend make up the five-member team who runs the burger joint. You know I am always happy to get to know about couple entrepreneurs because I get to learn from, be inspired by and be affirmed through them; so imagine my wide-eyed amazement upon learning that two couple entrepreneurs are involved in this restaurant! Incidentally too, Magie and her husband’s entrepreneurial story is quite like my hubsand and I’s. For one, they also went into the homebaking business before. So cool! Moreover, it was such a blessing to meet a new friend in Magie. Getting to know awesome people like her is one of the intangible rewards that I get out of blogging and I cherish it. 

surf-burger_surf rider fries
Surf Rider Fries, Php65…a sweet (or rather salty =p) deal!
Disclaimer: We don’t really know the smiling kuya with his bike on the picture =D (love his celebrity attitude though! Bongga! =p)

With a great team behind it, it is easy to see why Surf Burger stands out. I am sure that there is a great future ahead for this burger restaurant but I appreciate how the team is very careful in terms of expansion. They were ready to expand to a mall in Metro Manila but decided against it for now because it was logistically demanding and logically more impractical as of the moment. As an entrepreneur, I appreciate their restraint even as they see the great potential in their business. I say all this because I have witnessed a favorite restaurant expand itself to collapse. There is indeed a lot of wisdom in the decision of the team behind Surf Burger. Whoah! Wait! Some of you might be wondering why I’m suddenly talking about the business per se. At this point, let me explain or rather share with you another one of my personal advocacies that I would like to express through this blog. I believe that this country needs more entrepreneurs – effective and thriving ones at that.

“Without entrepreneurs, there can be no development.” – Dr. David McClelland

Hence, I endeavor to highlight good practices of the restaurants or businesses I feature here and go beyond just their food and the ambiance. In my own little way, I would like to provide an avenue for learning for those of you who are starting or aspiring entrepreneurs and be a source of encouragement in one way or another.

An acoustic band plays during weekends but they are open to other performances and events. They have hosted a performance by Acapellago, a two-time world champion. This coming October 29, the rock band Mayonnaise will be on the house.
Cool tables!!!

In that light, one other practice that they employ that I really admire is the transparency on the financial standing of the restaurant to the whole staff. This is done so that everyone gets to see a concrete consequence (good or bad) of his or her job and have a sense of accountability. It is also remarkable that a relatively young business like this is already very particular with marketing. Just look at the professional food photos they use for their marketing collaterals in their Facebook Page. As we have observed from start-up restaurants we have been to and or featured, marketing is the most neglected aspect of business. This is unfortunate for we have also observed that marketing is largely the determining factor of a business’ success. Okay, okay enough of the business stuff, hehe. In short, I would just like to say that you better get up, go to Surf Burger and get ready to fall in love ^_^.



How to go there? 

Bocaue Branch is along Gov. F. Halili Ave. in Brgy. Turo

Malolos Branch is along McArthur Hi-way: If coming from Tabang exit, go straight to Malolos proper. It is a few meters after Robinsons Mall on the right side before the crossing. It’s near Santos Clinic and La Familia Restaurant

Opening Hours: 2PM to 10PM

Seating Capacity: Maximum of 100

Parking: Limited

Delivery: None

WiFi: None

Electrical Outlet: None

CR: Separate Male and Female

Cuisine: American

Price Range for Two: Php400-600




Disclosure: The dishes featured here are all courtesy of Surf Burger but this article was written with my independent thoughts, biases, opinions, and insights. 


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    Great blog! It isnt just about fiid, business irntravel. I love that the advocacy for the country, locality (Bulacan), creativity and passion is expressed as you share. Keep it up.

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