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Keeping It Real

Today, I decided to start a tradition of posting something deliberately honest and inspirational (hopefully) in this blog every once in a while. As you may have observed, most food, recipe or travel bloggers tend to paint a perfect picture of life; with their exceedingly positive statements and super stunning photos. They always seem to be happy, excited, fulfilled, knowledgable and in control. Every food they make or eat is delicious and every place they go to is life-changing. I cannot help but get envy. How can I not be??? 

As a newbie blogger, I am tempted to follow their foot steps. I actually do not see anything wrong with it. After all, we will never know what really goes on in their lives. Probably, they feel pressured to present an image of everlasting cheerfulness and success or maybe they just truly are. As for me, life is particularly difficult right now. Thus, it has been impossibly painful for me to post anything these past two weeks. I can no longer get myself to write pretend like everything is fine when it is not. Honestly, the past two years have been really trying. Thank God, it occured to me today that I can choose not to pretend or hide. I can keep it real here because I am a real person and I am talking to real people. For most of us, life is not always easy – life don’t always happen as planned, hard work does not always pay, bills are not always paid in time, families are always too complicated, food is not always delicious and places are not always beautiful. C’est la vie!

This weekly series aptly named “Keeping It Real” will be an avenue for me to share with all of you what’s happening behind the posts. I can imagine it to be a little more intimate and personal. Moreover, “keeping it real” will be the spirit of the whole blog. I will strive to keep my food, recipe and travel posts fun and enticing; but I am pretty sure that there will be days I’ll be disappointed with the restaurant I will eat in, I’ll fail in the recipe I’m making and I’ll get lost going somewhere I’ve never been. I’d be sharing even these so you will get to peek at the cool and not-so-cool side of this blog and my blogging life; much like an ideal reality show (i.e. unscripted) so this is probably a reality blog, haha! 

In this light, I would just like to say that I spent about five hours writing this post while my husband is distracting me and I am sweating from the heat. More personally, self-doubt, confusion, fears and bitterness had crept in on me in the midst of uncertainties and unpredictabilities of entrepreneurship and blogging. The past two weeks had been a blur of emptiness and questions. I felt like life was dragging me by the feet. I was all over the place with no hope and unsure where I was heading. It was only yesterday that I was able to articulate how I am feeling through the simple song below. I believe my honesty paid off because my mind cleared. I am now poised to just keep moving forward.


I Worship You With Tears

I worship You with tears 

because that’s all I have

My hands are too weak to surrender

My feet too heavy to dance


Can my broken soul still come close to Your glory?

Can my so little faith still reach Your grace?

I am empty and have nothing left to offer

I’m barely holding onto what You said


I pray to You with tears

because I have no words

My lips are too dry to praise You

my heart too wounded to give thanks


Can my broken soul still come close to Your glory?

Can my so little faith still reach Your grace?

I am empty and have nothing left to offer

I’m barely holding onto what You said


That nothing, no, nothing can keep me from Your love

You see me, You know, You hear my every cry

That You, yes, You will make a way for me

I’ll conquer, I’ll prosper, I’ll soar above the sky


Sharing this song is not easy for me but I boldly did so thinking this might be a source of clarity, affirmation, comfort, inspiration or blessing to someone. 

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  1. YES! Finally had time to read your blog..! blog..! blog..! More blog, please. ^_^ #SomedayItAllMakesense

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