A Sudden Zambales Day Tour Part 2: Capones Island

A Sudden Zambales Day Tour Part 1: Lubong-Nangoloan Falls

Capones Island is one of the many islands that you can hop to when in Zambales. This boat ride cost us Php1800. We were four but I believe the boat can accommodate up to six or eight people. Moreover, the fee actually covers visits to three different islands but we decided to just go straight to Capones Island and stay there. After all, we were advised against going to Anawangin because of much bigger waves.
We were referred to Mang Vic by Kuya Jhong, our tour guide to Nangoloan Falls. This is near the Pundaquit Bay, about 30 minutes away from San Felipe

I have to say that this is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. For reference, I have been to Anawangin also in Zambales, Matabungkay and another beach I forgot the name of in Batangas, Snake Island in Palawan, Donsol in Sorsogon and Bantayan Island in Cebu. I’m not saying that the other places are not beautiful…far from it! One or a couple of it may be the most beautiful for you and therefore argue with my judgment but let me first explain further.

This is actually my face in awe. I had to capture it, haha!
View from the boat

For one, it has been a long time since I last went to the beach so my memory for all the other places might not be serving me right. In reality though, I am not much of a beach person because salt water stings me hard in the eyes and face. Also, I am not much of a summer person. The heat makes me want to just stay put wherever I am and in whatever position I am in. Basically, I don’t want to move. So this is probably another reason why I found Capones Island extremely delightful because we went there this rainy season. The weather was just perfect – the wind was cool verging on the cold, the sun was up so there was a little warmth but not too much because it was shaded by clouds. The colors were so vibrant and surreal. Heavenly indeed!

Look at that background! It was so magnificent it looked unreal. As for the snorkeling gear in the picture, you can rent it for Php100 from Mang Vic as well.
The sand…it was multi-colored with white, grays, orange and and even red

The only disadvantage is that we weren’t able to do some serious snorkeling further in the water because the waves were quite strong. I was only able to see a couple of fish near the shore. But as I have mentioned, I am not really one to soak in the water for a very long time. I am content to just stare at the beauty of it all, stay still and just breathe in the freshness. That’s what I did mostly, hehe and take pictures of course! Although I gave myself time limit on the picture-taking so I could really enjoy everything right there. It would have been even more epic if I had a book to read. WOW!

My husband loves the sea so much he forgot about me. We started snorkeling together and then the next minute he was gone. I was worriedly shouting where he was because I couldn’t find him until my sister pointed him out far in to the ocean. So there he is evidently happy!
Stung by salt, ouch!

Another reason I probably loved this place so much more than all the other beaches I’ve been to is that it is off-peak now and so there are not much people sharing the space. I relish solitude and serenity and I appreciate that there are not much people blocking the view, hehe. Rainy season is definitely beach season for me from now on. I know it’s a little bit trickier with all the storms this country experiences but there are moments that are just right like that day we went. We just have to be spontaneous enough to just go when that perfect weather comes. Before I forget, I also adored how this island has not been ‘developed’ in any way. It is raw and awesome…pure and divine…magical…enchanting…I can go on forever =p

Waiting to be boarded on our boat


Lastly, I think I really enjoyed Capones Island because I went with people very dear to me. It is the first time my husband and I went to the beach together. We almost did when we went to Subic with family but we arrived there at night so we were not able to see anything. Moreover, it is my younger sister’s very first time to go to the beach and see the sea up close in her life (she’s 27 years old). She was with us in Subic so that doesn’t count for her as well. Her excitement was so up there it was funny. She ended up dizzy from the waves though =p. We forgot to bring anti-emetic or anti-motion sickness medicine so she was not able to stay in the water as much as she would have wanted to.

Last groupie before I get to the water myself

I was very excited myself although I didn’t want to stay immersed in the water for too long. Instead, there was this moment (pretty long) where my sister and I just sat by the edge of the water and waited for the waves to wash us up and down the shore, so much fun! It actually felt like the first time for me as well. This is probably because all my other trips to the beach are part of an official duty – as a Biology student, a student leader and for work. This is the first time I went deliberately to the beach for its own sake and I loved it!

Happy ME! (and loving my hat ^_^)


We asked Mang Vic and his crew to fetch us at 4PM. They were a little late and I was kind of getting worried because the waves may become stronger and we get stranded in the island. We didn’t bring anything with us except a couple of apples, four granola bars and a jug of water. Well, as you can see, we didn’t get stranded, hehe. We actually had a better ride going back, the sea was calmer for some reason. Maybe that’s just the worrier in me to think that we’d get stranded or maybe it was the imaginative in me? =p Anyways, we took a shower in one of the nearby resorts by the bay for a fee of Php20. From there, we headed to Angeles City, Pampanga for dinner. YEHEY!!! My sister and I had the same restaurant in mind, my favorite, New York Supreme!!! It is located at The Quad Nepo Center and they have two other branches in SM Clark and Balibago but I’ve not tried either. I just trust the Nepo branch. It was awesome as usual and I am planning on making a separate post about it so I’m letting you hang in there a bit for this.

A Sudden Zambales Day Tour Part 1: Lubong-Nangoloan Falls

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