A Sudden Zambales Day Tour Part 1: Lubong-Nangoloan Falls

A Sudden Zambales Day Tour Part 2: Capones Island

Lubong-Nangoloan Falls or just Nangoloan Falls is located in San Felipe, Zambales, which is about 3 hours away from our place in Marilao, Bulacan
Nangoloan Falls is yet to be charted on Google Maps so you can’t find it there. To go here, check out Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso instead and go to the falls from there. It’s about 30 minutes away (15 minutes by vehicle and 15 minutes trekking)
Spontaneous meeting =p…so my husband probably spent 5 minutes or more speaking with the local caretakers of the falls…it sure looked like he was lecturing them (but he was actually encouraging them =)…so cute!). At this point, we signed up and paid an entrance fee of Php30 each (GREAT DEAL!)

I am quite the planner. Anybody who knows me, even only slightly, would find that very evident. I love organizing events, planning trips, holding seminars, drawing themes and visions, plotting strategies and timelines, designing evaluations and giving recommendations…the A to Z of planning…the whole lot of making things happen. I get kind of giddy just writing these stuff down as I am brought back to those moments of adrenaline rush. Yes, oddly so, I get really hyped up and in the zone when I am doing some planning, hehe. On the other hand and expectedly so, I hate the lack of planning which spontaneity requires. I am always afraid that I’ll do something wrong, make poor choices and regret later. I say this even for trips. 

We planned on camping at Crystal Beach Resort for an overnight but were offered a tour to Nangoloan Falls (thank God!) and that changed the course of our day. Even the short road going there was picturesque
A natural arch…how about a renewal of vows here??? =p
We originally wanted to go to Morong, Bataan for my husband said Bataan is nearer. However, on the way there and as I was searching the maps, I found that Zambales or at least a part of it is as near. Moreover, the options in Zambales are more affordable. Bataan seem to be more ‘developed’ and is therefore pricier.
Our tour guide, Kuya Jhong and my husband aka Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, hehe. We are so blessed to find the best tour guide in Kuya Jhong! You can contact him directly at 0918-689-0403 or book him through Crystal Beach Resort (Php950/group of four). But I have to say that you can go there even without a guide. Just use Crystal beach Resort as your reference and ask locals how to go to Nangoloan Falls from there. By the way, Kuya Jhong is also a surfing instructor.

Thus, I am so surprised with myself that this Sudden Zambales Day Tour is already my 4th trip-on-a-whim this year. First, I went on a Pampanga Road Trip with my dearest friends in April. Check out our fun adventure (or mis-adventure =p) at Sandbox here. On the next month, my husband and I went to Baguio for five days to escape the heat and reflect on our life direction. I actually still have tons of articles to write from that trip but here’s one about the surprising local produce there. Last August, my husband and I went on a Pampanga Food Trip (which I am also yet to write about). We were just supposed to run some errands there but ended up staying for the night and going on a food trip the next day. We have lived in that delicious province on the first year of our marriage but we’ve never really explored and traveled within and from there. It was not part of the plan I guess…and I am feeling regretful. 

Traveling with my husband has always been a treat. This does not mean that we don’t argue on the road though =p

Camp Site at the foot of the Falls (eating area)

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do” – Mark Twain

The trek to Nangoloan Falls is very easy but if you are bringing in a lot of stuff or you just don’t feel like walking through water, wet sand and mud, you could rent a carabao ride
Water Trek to the Falls
Nearly there!!! And YES, PLEASE DO NOT LITTER! That is such a shameful thing to do =\!
Teaser. Trailer. A Peek =)

Don’t get me wrong, I am still more of a planner. I’m not suddenly this uber-spontaneous chick. I’d still rather plan for I believe it allows me to choose more responsibly, strategically and for the long term. Mostly, I had hesitated at the brim of these trips-on-a-whim. If not for my dear husband who I believe is naturally spontaneous, these trips would have never been realized. Nonetheless, I have learned to embrace the equal value of doing things unplanned. It sharpens my intuition, my faith and my adaptability. It pushes me to look closely at what is around me and savor every moment because something awesome might just pop out and I don’t want to miss the surprise of its beauty or its message. It exercises in me peace in abandon, joy in the present and hope in the uncertain. Things that should come handy for day to day because come to think of it, most things are out of our control and we are never really certain about anything. Oooh, this is getting deep, haha! I am in reflective mode these days, that’s why =). In this light, I hope that we all find balance and a fulfilling rhythm of life so we can make the best of the time we’ve been given, the relationships we’ve been blessed with and the purpose we’ve been called to.


This is a very important day for my sister because it is her first time to go see a waterfall. It is also very dear for both of us because we didn’t really get to travel or go out together with the family when we were younger
A little hike is needed to get to the top of the falls. This bit in the photo is already the most challenging climb and it is still pretty easy.

As for the beauty of this place, let the photos speak to you. My outdoor photography needs sharpening but I believe what I have shared here are enough to stimulate your imagination and motivate you to come. If you need a little more coaxing, let me say that it is an easy and fast trek, very affordable and is relatively near so JUST GO!

This is a very significant shot for me…I feel like this represents where my life is right now. The path is clear but it’s hard to walk through it. It can be rocky, the flow can be against me and it’s so much easier to get tired going through it. So sometimes I get discourage and confused if I am really on the right path, pursuing the direction I am called to (especially with this blog). For now, I am believing that I am where I’m supposed to be…looking forward to pleasant surprises ahead!




Of course, we have to talk about the food! We had an affordable yet sumptuous lunch in a nearby eatery. For five, we spent Php620 and we’re all so full. By the way, we brought snacks and water from home so we need not buy. I highly recommend that to cut the expenses. So yes, half day is enough for the trip to Nangoloan Falls but you can definitely stay there the whole day if you want to.

Sanvid Menu
Definitely coming back! ^_^

A Sudden Zambales Day Tour Part 2: Capones Island

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