Anjung Gurney Street Food

Street Foods at Anjung Gurney (Penang, Malaysia) Needs a LOT of Improvement

Butterworth Station23 hours. That’s how long our train ride was from Bangkok, Thailand to Malaysia (Butterworth Station). We did this for the experience but more so for the savings. It was long. O!M!G! To make it worse, we got so hungry since we did not have any more Thai money. We didn’t anticipate the gravity of our choice. I’d say we’d take the plane instead if we are to do this again. Thank God we sufficiently entertained ourselves. We went as far as flip topping and I think I won =p.

It was our first time to ride such a train and we were utterly amazed when the staff started assembling the beds from the chairs we were seating on. We were forced to lie down and sleep according to the schedule set by the train and did I say it was COLD? It was!   

From Butterworth, we boarded a ferry to get to Penang Island. It was just a 15-minute journey, thank God!!!  Boat ride to Penang Khoo KongsiPenang has its own charms but we were not smitten by it as much as we were with Bangkok or Amphawa. Probably because we were too tired from the train ride to enjoy it. We also had to carry around our luggage because there were no available luggage lockers. The one I researched about was closed with no apparent reason and no one could direct us to an alternative. Thank God we hit the jackpot with the restaurant we happened to enter to rest for a while. Yummmmmmy!!!

IMG_1978 IMG_1979After this, we roamed around a bit and sampled the food Penang has to offer. We went to this outdoor food court called Anjung Gurney. Unfortunately, the food was not as tasty as we would have wanted to or maybe we were just not lucky enough to buy the best they had. Thailand street foods really raised the bar for us.IMG_2010

Anjung GurneyIMG_1992 IMG_1988 IMG_1984 IMG_1980

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