Changi Airport

What Happened to Singapore Hawkers?

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is a nine-hour train ride. It was the worst! I was fearing for our lives the whole time because the train sounded like it was going to detach from its tracks. Train #21 has got to go! I am not doing that again =(. Just Sharing

Our trip to Singapore was pleasantly short, it was more like a transit. We didn’t really find anything to love other than the Changi airport and their metropolitan railway system. Indeed, what they say about Singapore is true. It’s clean and systematic. I would say it is very similar to Bonifacio Global City here in the Philippines. I am not a travel shopper so I can’t really find any reason to go back to this city country. Food, on the other hand is the primary reason I want to travel. We were able to try some at a hawker food court called Lau Pa Sat but it was far from memorable. Plus, it was too expensive! We ended up resorting to the familiar – Subway and Krispy Kremes, hehe. We also can’t find anything interesting to go to so we decided to just go straight to the airport and burn time there. That was our sightseeing.

On the second thought, maybe I’d give Singapore food one more chance in the future. Maybe if we stay a little longer, we can get to the food gems. Do you know of any? Please leave your suggestions below =)

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