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I love to EAT (and I know you do too! =D) and my bucket list is pretty much filled with #EATgoals and so I have come to call it (and this blog) The BuckEAT List. If that’s also the case for you, I’d love to hear about your own buckEAT list. Please SHARE EAT! before I forget, I would love for you to be part of this delicious journey. If you can share with me your own delicious finds please do share with me your own delicious finds or hometown delicacies that you think should be on My BuckEAT List on the comment section below. I hope to gather on-ground and true-to-life information from as many people as possible so I’ll surely be led to the most delicious food out there and share it for the world to enjoy. Don’t hesitate to share your own #EATgoals too and let me know if you’ve got a beloved family recipe that you would like to get featured here as well. 


 Check it out! But before that, can I ask for a favor? Can you please share with me your own delicious finds, #EATgoals or buckEAT list on the comment section below? I would like to be led to the most delicious food in every corner and I am sure that you know lots! I am especially drawn to street foods, desserts, vinegars, public markets (fresh produce), unique specialties and even the exotic.

<5 Ways to Share EAT box>

  1. Delicious foodie finds
  2. Hometown delicacies
  3. Beloved family recipes
  4. #EATgoals
  5. Share this blog to your friends and family and make their lives more delicious

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