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Secret to Making Pancakes a la Pancake House

Pancake Secret
I was not a fan of pancakes when I was younger. My mother used to make them for breakfast using store-bought pancake mix and I just find it to be too dry. It has this unpleasant texture and it kind of gets stuck in your throat like you’re choking (nakakabulunan ika nga =p). One fateful day, I was able to sample McDonald’s pancakes and then those of Pancake House…I fell in love! The melding of soft pancakes, melting butter and maple syrup is such a pleasure in the mouth. I could have this for breakfast everyday but I find it a little expensive to buy in the abovementioned restaurants, especially the latter. I thought I just had to find a way to recreate it at home to make it more affordable and accessible. Fortunately, I was successful at first attempt and without much fuss =D. I bought the same pancake mix my mother used and just added MORE WATER – about double of what was recommended in the box. I thought then that maybe it just needed more moisture and water is moisture. It was that simple. Lo and behold, it worked! It was a total food makeover, an amazing transformation. You’ve got to try it!
Extra Tips: 
1. Use blender for easier mixing (no clumps)
2. Just mix until combined (overmixing will toughen it)
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