A Peek Into My Dream Street Food Destinations at Merkanto International Street Food Hall

Roti with Curry and Yogurt Sauce (Indian), Php70…this is a new found favorite that you must definitely try=D
Look at that flat piece of bread! It’s soft, chewy and little bit flaky…I want one right now!

It is my dream to travel the world and sample as much street food as I can. That is definitely at the very top of my BuckEat List. I am particularly interested in street foods not only because of the gastronomic satisfaction that I expect but more importantly because of the culture that will definitely unfold. I believe that a country’s street foods best represent the people and their heritage because it is the people who make and eat them.

Chicken Tagine with Couscous (Morrocan), Php240…I believe that this is an acquired taste. It is herby and a little sour. By the way, the white grain you see in the photo is called couscous (ground durum wheat)
Apple Pie Soda, Php150…a little pricey for a bottle but worth trying. It sure tasted like an apple pie liquified =p

I have of course eaten a lot of Filipino street foods (although my mother forbids me to as all our mothers do =p) but I am yet to completely wipe out everything on my A-Z List of Street Foods in the Philippines. I have also sampled street foods in Thailand (Bangkok and Amphawa), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Penang) and Singapore. As for my next priorities, I am targeting Vietnam, India, South Korea, Japan, Morocco, Brazil, Israel, Georgia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Mexico, USA (specifically New York), Austria, Italy and France. I don’t know if you can still call that long list a priority but it really is. I believe that we need to speak forth our dreams and be as bold and daring as we can be in our prayers; because that is the manifestation of our faith and there is power in our speech. In that light, let me just take this opportunity to claim and declare that I’d be accomplishing this Worldwide Street Food BuckEat List in no time. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! ^_^ For more on my MUST EATS Around the World, click here.

Mi Xian Mem (Vietnamese), Php145…this seafood noodle dish suits the Filipino palate very well. It is strongly sweet, salty and little spicy
Vietnamese Coffee, Php85..very strong coffee

So as the title suggests, my food trip at Merkanto is a peek, a little dip or a preview of the realization of my dream. I am now even more dying to go forth and dominEAT the world =p! The concept for this food hall is brilliant by the way. I once imagined such a place as this and I am just glad someone made it happen. The selections and varieties are quite limited now but it is a nice start. I am definitely coming back for the Roti and looking forward to leaner menus by then.



How to go there? (from Merkanto’s Facebook Page)

Address: 38 Mayaman St., U.P. Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Landmark: Directly behind National Housing Authority

From Quezon Memorial Circle: Exit Kalayaan Ave., turn left on Mayaman St. (first left)

From EDSA: Exit Kamias Road then turn right on Kalayaan Ave. and turn right on Mayaman St.(last right)

Opening Hours: Tu to Su > 5PM to 12MN

Seating Capacity: Maximum of 50

Parking: Limited

Delivery: None

WiFi: None

Electrical Outlet: None

CR: Separate Male and Female

Cuisine: International Street Food

Price Range for Two: Php500-700


Jamaican Street Food
Filipino Food…these are not exactly street foods so WHY O WHY? We have so much to offer from north to south. Merkanto can probably feature lesser known street foods from far provinces =).
Korean Street Food
Vietnamese Street Food
Indian Street Food
Brazilian Street Food
Moroccan Street Food
Indonesian Street Food

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