Biglaang Lakad: Pampanga Road Trip (Sandbox, Porac)

Sandbox_AJAIndeed, trips that aren’t planned are those that really push through. Does anybody have a logical explanation for that? =p In any case, I am just happy that it worked that way for this unplanned Pampanga road trip to Sandbox, Camalig Restaurant and Nepo Mall. It was so much fun! I was like high school again on a field trip.Sandbox_LobbyThe three beautiful ladies in the picture above are some of my closest and dearest friends (L-R: Loveli, Michelle and Lourdes). We have known each other since high school (that’s about 16 years ago^_^) but this was the FIRST TIME EVER that we were able to go out of town together; outside of school field trips. Life led us to different directions after high school and it’s not that easy to meet up. We barely saw each other except for 18th birthdays – debuts. It was only after we finished college that we got to meet at least once a year. This is probably the reason why in those few times, we never run out of things to talk and laugh about. Of course, we also EAT and EAT and EAT some more, hehe. We usually just stay in one or the other’s house so we can stay as much as we want and be noisy =p. Moreover, this is the most cost-effective option to hang out. Birds of the same feather, flock together! I have mentioned a lot of times in this very young blog how I am very practical when it comes to spending. I love that my friends are very simple and ‘low-maintenance’. They are the best!!!Sandbox_Wall ClimbingThis is Loveli gearing up for her try at wall-climbing. Wall-climbing is one of the three activities, from a roster of eight, that we found worthy of its price and interesting enough to try. On top of activity fees, we also paid an entrance fee of Php100. There are available packages if you want to try most of the activities.

GIANT SWING – Php150Sandbox_Giant SwingThis Giant Swing seems a lot of fun, at least for my friends. As for me, I don’t like thrill rides. I hate the sick feeling. I’d probably try something once but I won’t repeat it again. This Giant Swing is reminiscent of Anchor’s Away in Enchanted Kingdom. I’ve ridden that once so that’s enough. Anyways, my dear friends ended up not swinging because paying Php150 for less than 10 seconds of thrill was just impractical for them. Sandbox_Wall ClimbingThis is Lourdes aka Ria, my best friend, who almost finished climbing this wall if not for the very very very HOT stones. Sandbox management, please look into this. You should have some kind of gloves for this activity. It is scorching hot out there!

ADVENTURE TOWER – Php100/activity (Wall Climbing, Rappelling and Free Fall)Sandbox_Wall Climbing SuccessThat’s Lourdes almost at the top, galing!!! =D

Sandbox_RapelingLourdes also tried Rappelling but regretted doing so. She said that there was not enough tension in the rope. She just slowly slid down while her feet touched the wall. No cool action moves =(.Sandbox_Surprise Meet-upSurprise! Surprise! I met another one of my closest and dearest friends, Danika! She is a college classmate, now a doctor, specializing in Internal Medicine. I can count in one hand the number of times we met after college. Thus, I was super delighted to see her, that is, as she was free falling. Sandbox_Wall Climbing FailThis is me…I was the most excited to try wall-climbing. I’ve been dreaming of doing this activity for many years! I didn’t think that it would be easy but I was not prepared for how hard it was! My friends were cheering me on to try and try again since there is no time limit. I did try and try again but I could only go so far or so close – to the ground =p as evidenced by the photo above. I would like to blame those hot stones for my failure. It was really painful! Nevertheless, I have to admit that my arm power is sorely lacking. My arms are big, as you can see, but they are not strong =(. With this, I made a promise to myself. One day, I will be strong enough to climb such a wall, so help me God =D

ARCHERY – starts at Php75 for 5 arrowsSandbox_ArcheryArchery was the main reason we decided to go to Sandbox. Michelle, third from left in the picture below, wanted to try it so badly. I’m glad we tried it with her. At least now I know that archery is no joke. It requires mega arm strength! The tension in the string was at 16 to 18 pounds and we had to pull it to our chin. It was hard! My arms were trembling so I cannot really focus on the target.Sandbox_Archery ReadyReady!Sandbox_Archery AimAim!Sandbox_Archery Fire?Fire? Smile? Pose some more? Talk about coordination =p

AERIAL WALK – Php250Sandbox_Aerial WalkThis obstacle course looks intimidating. Nobody in our group dared, haha! The other two activities that we didn’t try and I don’t have pictures of:


ATV/UTV RIDE – Php2500/Php3000 per hour

So that was our Sandbox experience! The place is still under development so don’t set your expectations too high. We did and we got disappointed in the process. We actually missed the place when we first passed by. The signage was too small and crude. The place itself looked like a construction site in the middle of nowhere. It is also good to note that there was no centralized sound system, it was unpleasantly silent there. No happy or upbeat songs to boost us through the challenging activities. Nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves because of the company of each other. In the end, it doesn’t really matter where we go or what we eat, what matters is who we are with.

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