My BuckEat List: International

A Must Foodie Destination: Amphawa Floating Market in Thailand

Welcome to The BuckEat List’s list of MUST EATS around the world! I am so glad that you found this little spot where I share my passion for great food, creating deliciousness and traveling to eat. If you share the same passion, I’d love to hear from you and your own food adventures in the comment section below. For now, I invite you to browse through my buckEAT list for reference and eatspiration. This is a living and breathing list – I’ll update this regularly with new yearnings and fulfillments or probably reorganize, hehe. Please do tell me if you have any suggestions on what must be on my buckEAT list and why. Thanks! ^_^ Also, do check out the page dedicated for MUST EATS in the Philippines


Street Foods

Desserts and Drinks

Savories and Exotics

Street Foods

Bangkok, Thailand

A Most Memorable Food Trip in Bangkok (Thailand)

A MUST FOODIE DESTINATION: Thailand’s Amphawa Floating Market

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Diverse Street Foods of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Street Foods at Anjung Gurney (Penang, Malaysia) Needs a LOT of Improvement

Hanoi, Vietnam

Mumbai, India

Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Marrakech, Morocco

Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Haifa, Israel

Tbilisi, Georgia

Prague, Czech Republic

Istanbul, Turkey

Mexico, Mexico

New York, USA

Vienna, Austria

Naples, Italy

Paris, France

Desserts and Drinks

King’s Dessert (South Korea)

Ghoriba Cookies (Morocco)

Cookies by Levain Bakery (New York, USA)

Birthday Cake, Crack Pie, Soft Serve Cereal Milk, Compost Cookie and more by Momofuku Milk Bar (New York, USA)

Frozen Hot Chocolate by Serendipity 3 (New York, USA)

New York Cheesecake by Eileen’s Special Cheesecake (New York, USA)

Beignet by Cafe Du Monde (New Orleans, USA)

Mozart Chocolate by Mostly Mozart Chocolate Shop (Vienna, Austria)

Rahat Lokum/Turkish Delight by Haci Bekir (Istanbul, Turkey)

Croissants by Lune Croissanterie (Melbourne, OZ)

French Macarons by Laduree (Paris, France)

Hot Chocolate by Angelina Teahouse (Paris, France)

Caramels by Jacques Genin Chocolate Shop (Paris, France)

Hot Chocolate and Chocolates by Dark Sugars (London, UK)

Chocolate Truffles by Socola Chocolatier (California, USA)

Savories and Exotics

Meal at Sonya’s Garden (Tagaytay, Philippines)

Meal at Antonio’s (Tagaytay, Philippines)

350 Types of Cheese (Paris, France)

Cubanos by Versailles Restaurant (Miami, USA)

Barbecue by Franklin (Texas, USA)

Pizza Margherita by L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele (Naples, Italy)

Oyakodon by Tamahide Restaurant (Tokyo, Japan)

Pizza Margherita by Pizzeria Brandi (Naples, Italy) – original

Ramen with Michelin Star by Tsuta Ramen (Tokyo, Japan) 

Cafes and Restaurants

Alinea Restaurant (Chicago, USA)

Antonio’s (Tagaytay, Philippines) 

Breitbach’s Country Dining (Iowa, USA)

Jiro’s Sushi (Tokyo, Japan)

The BuckEat List: MUST EATS in the Philippines

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