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Honeymoon in the Beautiful Batanes

Basco Lighthouse

Batanes WatersIt has been a dream of mine to go to Batanes and it was finally fulfilled when my husband and I went there for our honeymoon. How sweet it is! This place did not fail my expectations. It exceeded it! The weather was perfect. It was pleasantly windy that I kept jumping as if I could actually take off and fly. I hope the people who lives in this beautiful place know that they are blessed. May they never stop appreciating what they have and take very good care of it. Batanes Pool

Batanes Pool

Fundacion PacitaFood is usually the center of our trips but this place made us forget about food. I couldn’t believe it! I honestly cannot remember what we ate, none. It is more than I have imagined it to be. IT IS MAGNIFICENTLY BEAUTIFUL! You’d feel full just looking at the beauty of it all. Thank God for His awesome creation. Unfortunately, our photos were not able to capture as much but you could still get a peek somehow. 


Batanes Beach

Batanes BeachWe availed an all-in package (except airfare) for this tour since we didn’t have much time to plan for it while also planning for the wedding. We chose Batanes Travel and Tours and I can say we were sufficiently satisfied. By the way, we highly recommend getting Batanes Resort for accommodations. It has an idyllic location.


BatanesBatanes should be on your bucket list. It is surreal; a piece of heaven here on earth. To know more about its history and culture, visit the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.Batanes


Batanes Honeymoon

FUN FACT: Beef is cheaper here than pork since they have lots of grassland to passively sustain their cattle; pork on the other hand need feeds or kaning baboy

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