FoodRockers Restaurant: A Unique Fusion of Good Food, Music and Arts

Our Local DiscoverEATS blog advocacy series featuring new cafes and restaurants here in Marilao and Meycauayan, specifically the article on the TOP TEN, remain to be the most popular post in this blog to date. My heart swells up in the knowledge that we have significantly helped in promoting these start-up businesses. My husband and I are very happy to know directly from some of the entrepreneurs that they have observed an increase in store visits around the time of the blog advocacy series. On the other hand, we also appreciate the feedback from readers thanking us for the information we’ve shared and that they are definitely visiting these stores. In short, I believe that the series served its bigger purpose and the weight gain was worth it, haha! The series also allowed us to reach people even outside Bulacan and so here we are featuring a new and unique restaurant in Sta. Mesa, Manila called FoodRockers which opened (soft launch) just last July. In effect, this is still part and the continuation of Local DiscoverEATS, extended to another area. Even at the beginning, I knew that the advocacy will not be limited to Marilao and Meycauayan. I am actually looking forward to promoting other local homegrown start-ups from every part of the Philippines!


FoodRockers is located in #3555 P. Sanchez St., Sta. Mesa, Manila (near Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital)
FoodRockers is a family-friendly restaurant where you can enjoy good food, music and arts at the same time. They are also open to be rented as a venue for parties or events.
Kindred Entrepreneurial Couples: My husband and I with Chef Jon and his wife Jo

The vision of the owners for FoodRockers is really compelling and relevant. They are all about promoting arts and music along with good food while also supporting good causes. Moreover, their management style is also very much on point. They are very hands on and they treat their staff (who are mostly musicians and singers as well) as family. It is important for me to mention this because by this alone you can infer the excellent quality of their business and the great heart behind it. With that, let me just say at the onset that you must definitely check out this up and coming restaurant! They are on soft opening right now but is poised for a grand opening soon. 

Chef Jon at work
Honey Lemon Glazed Hito (crispy good!), Php135…for me, this is a MUST TRY! It is my first time to eat hito prepared this way and it was a pleasant surprise
Drunken Spicy Beef Rice (good for 3 to 4), Php240…this fried rice contains no alcohol. It is named so because Chef Jon conceptualized it while he was drunk. His brothers, who are also chefs, wrote down the recipe while he was experimenting in the kitchen one day. It is my favorite amongst the different rice meals served to us

I have said again and again that I avoid reviewing new restaurants because I believe it is counter-productive. Instead, I’d like to call my posts about new stores as features and the objective is to encourage my readers to be adventurous and try these start-ups with an open mind and heart. In this light, do not expect an in-depth review of the food and other aspects of FoodRockers here. Nonetheless, I have to highlight the talent and skill behind the food that was served to us by Chef Jon. He is after all a seasoned chef who once served in the royal family of Qatar. His food was exploding in flavors but not in an overwhelming way. Everything was balanced and it is apparent that they don’t rely on salt or MSG to make it tasty. When you go here, I recommend that you focus as you eat so you can really appreciate the subtleness and blending of different flavors in the food.

Chengfan Fried Rice (good for 3 to 4), Php240
Half Fried Chicken, Php200…I am usually a sauce person but I forgot about the gravy eating this because it was flavorful enough on its own


The paintings you see in the photo above are for sale and for a cause. The entrepreneurial couple are supporting a non-government organization (NGO) for children, KnK Philippines (Children Without Borders), where one of their closest friends work. I really admire how reaching out to the underprivileged is already integrated to their business at this eary stage. As an entrepreneur, I know that there are just too much to think about and be concerned with on the business alone so thinking beyond it is a testament to their extraordinary spirits. I salute them for their generosity and may God bless their business!  


Beef Bulgogi Rice
Thai Sausage Sandwich, Php120…this is an acquired taste. It’s very different from other sausages I am accustomed to. It’s spicy, sweet and gingery. One of Chef Jon’s brothers make this.

Aside from painting, they are also very open to hosting and showcasing other art forms. They of course have bands coming over to play as well as a band of their own and open mic nights since Filipinos are very fond of singing; but they have more. They also sell some sculptures done by a friend and have hosted a magic show. A tattoo party and other art merchandises are also on the works. Basically, they would like the place to be a hub for all sorts of artists (not just musicians and painters). A non-intimidating and non-discriminatory place for anyone to express oneself and fluorish. I personally envision this place as this huge canvas where people can come and paint their unique color in. I would love to see Filipino art and culture be promoted and championed here as well. Generally, education on and avenues for art and culture is very much lacking in this country so there is definitely a niche and a great potential for places with such a vision as FoodRockers. If you are an artist looking for a place to exhibit your work or perform, do contact them through their Facebook page and say you’ve read about them through this blog. 

Original FoodRockers Quarter Pounder, Php130
Chili Wings, Php179


How to go there? (from FoodRockers Facebook Page): From Cubao, take LRT Line 2 (or jeepney going to Quiapo, Legarda or Stop n Shop via Aurora Blvd.) from V. Mapa you can take jeepney going to Pasig via P. Sanchez until you reach Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (main gate) cross the road until you reach FOODROCKERS (beside mini-stop)

Opening Hours: 10AM to 2AM

Seating Capacity: Maximum of 80

Parking: Limited

Delivery: Within the area

WiFi: Yes

Electrical Outlet: None

CR: Separate Male and Female

Cuisine: Asian

Price Range for Two: Php200-400



Disclosure: The dishes featured here are all courtesy of FoodRockers but this article was written with my independent thoughts, biases, opinions, and insights. 

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