Root Beer Float Ice Cream

The Easiest Homemade Ice Cream You’ll Ever Make

Root Beer Float Ice CreamSummer is right around the corner and it is increasingly becoming merciless here in the Philippines. It is both scorching and humid – a deadly combo. It is a struggle to move and a pain to go out during this season. If only I could stay in an air conditioned room all day or probably sit beside an open refrigerator, sigh. On the bright side, this kind of weather is the best excuse to enjoy some or A LOT of ice cream. Yey!

However, the thought of going out in the proud sun to buy some probably makes me cringe. Good thing I have a stock of kremdensada! I don’t know if there is such a product in other countries so for the sake of everyone I would like to explain that it is basically a ready mix of all purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk. This product is right on target because Filipinos love to make fruit salad and graham cake. The downside would just be the lack of control over the sweetness.

So you might ask: ice cream and kremdensada, what’s the connection? OH IT IS THE BEST CONNECTION! It’s all that you need to make ice cream at home. Soooooo easy. You’d probably think it’s too good to be true but I dare you to try this recipe and I bet you’d stock up on kremdensada (or all purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk) this summer.

I discovered how to make ice cream at home at a very early age. My sisters and I often make Graham Cake during the holidays. One time, we serendipitously blended too much all purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk. We stored it in the freezer since milk and cream spoil easily. Lo and behold, we made our first homemade ice cream! It was a sweet surprise! Looking back though, I don’t think we were able to maximise our discovery then. It is only now that I am making ice cream with different flavours. We used to make it plain. Don’t get me wrong though, it was sufficiently delicious on its own.

For this particular instance, I used A&W’s Root Beer Float Flavored Syrup. I have bought this months ago out of curiosity but it was only now that I finally had use for it. And I would have to say that becoming an ice cream flavour is its perfect purpose. This Root Beer Float Ice Cream is a revelation! It’s root beer float that I love so much but I get to lick it rather than sip it. Oh joy!Root Beer Float Flavored SyrupNow if you do not fancy this flavour, I know some don’t, you could definitely use any flavour you prefer. Your imagination is the only limit! 


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Easy Homemade Ice Cream
Serves 5
Making ice cream at home doesn't get any easier than this. Use any flavor or add-on of your choice and enjoy with your friends and family. You are sure to impress them too!
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Total Time
7 hr 15 min
Total Time
7 hr 15 min
  1. 1 can (410 ml) Kremdensada
  2. 1 cup Root Beer Float Flavored Syrup
  1. Chill 1 can kremdensada for at least an hour
  2. Place the kremdensada in a mixing bowl and beat using whisk attachment at medium speed for 5 mins
  3. Mix in ½ cup Root Beet Flavored Syrup until well-blended
  4. Freeze for an hour until thick enough to swirl in streaks of syrup
  5. Swirl in the rest of the Root Beer Flavored Syrup
  6. Freeze for at least 6 hours
  1. To control sweetness, blend your own all purpose cream and sweetened condensed milk
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