Dense and Moist Red Velvet Cake

Dense and Moist Red Velvet Cake: An Epiphany

Dense and Moist Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet CakeI I have a confession to make. Red Velvet was never my thing. The flavor confuses me but what confuses me more is its popularity. For one, my husband loves it. As for me, I just don’t get what people like about it except for the color. I LOVE RED! It’s my favorite and it’s the only reason why I am drawn to this cake in displays and stores especially when it’s contrasted with that white heavenly Cream Cheese Frosting. Speaking of which, I concluded that the frosting is what people actually crave for. But if so, they should just go and grab a cheesecake BUT THEY DON’T! This cake was such a mystery to me and I just had to understand it.

The confusion led to curiosity and the curiosity led to a pleasant discovery. I AM NOW HOOKED! It takes every inch of my determination not to get another slice of this beautiful cake and enjoy it while writing this post. I ate a slice and a half last night and another generous slice this morning. I really have to stop myself. This cake is so dense and moist – just the way I like my cake to be. My mother says so too. She said it’s unlike any other cake she tasted. She liked the texture very much or maybe she’s just my mother??? =pRed Velvet Cake SliceAnyways, need I say more about the perfection of paring Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting? Oh! And did I mention it has white chocolate chips too? I find that white chocolate pairs well with the red velvet flavor too so why not add it in as well? Yes please! White chocolate takes this cake to a whole new level. My husband dared to deny it because of the added calories but he just can’t. He couldn’t resist even for a second. He had to be honest and openly adore this threesome of a flavor. After all, our calories have to be worth it right? I mean, we cannot but take in calories so we have to make it count and be as delicious as it can be. Right? I think what we really have to look after is the actual amount of the food we take in. So self-control is still a must (I’m probably saying this more to myself =p).

So as I have said, I went on a journey of understanding the red velvet flavor. This is not a one-time thing. It has been going along for some time but it is only now that I can happily say that I finally understood it. Making my own cake recipe and then tasting it, made the journey complete. I am not saying that this is a perfect recipe though. It’s actually the first run. I intend to perfect this recipe. I just had to share how it is now because it’s surprisingly very good. Oh, how thrilling it is to find success on the first try! But come to think of it, it’s not actually the first try because I’ve had lots of trials with red velvet in a cookie form. There was a time I had to stop to refresh my perspective and study more and begin again. This success is more probably a pay-off of that hard work ^_^.
UNDERSTANDING RED VELVET: HISTORYRed Velvet Cake SliceHead over to my post: The History of the Red Velvet if you’re a history junkie.
I would like to focus the scientific discussion on this recipe to the Cocoa Powder. As mentioned above, natural cocoa powder originally gave this cake its ‘redness’. Please head over to my post on Natural Cocoa vs Alkalized Cocoa if you want to know more. 

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