28th Birthday Celebration at Tabing Ilog Community in Marilao (Bulacan)

A Little Goes A Long Way: Birthday Celebration with Tabing Ilog Community

Giving of PrizesGiving of Prize_meFor 2016, my mother and I decided to celebrate our birthday with the community of Tabing Ilog (beside the river – of Marilao). This is one of the dirtiest river in the world and I am not proud of that. My husband and I have been coming to this community ever since we got married. We started out teaching little kids basic reading, math and values every Sunday under the trees. However, when the number of kids who come, grew – from five to about 30 and more, we had to stop doing it. TOO SAD. We could not find committed people who could help us out and we just couldn’t handle them with their varying ages and personalities. It became chaotic and unsafe.Longest Line


HappinessWe still go there every Sunday but have shifted our focus to the more manageable teenagers. Although until now, the little kids we taught would call us out about wanting to read, write and play games again. It breaks my heart every time. We explain to them the situation as much as we could but we also communicate to them our hope to find others who could help us teach them soon. We have not been successful in this aspect. It has been frustrating and the reality burns. Nonetheless, we have to hope for them just as they are putting their hope on us. It is our fervent prayer to find people or for people to find us and walk with us in this journey. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to contact us ^_^ Longest LineIn the meantime, we started reaching out and mentoring some teens in the community. They are the ones who helped us referee the kids during the games. We tried to tap them to help us teach the kids but this is not a realistic set-up for them. They have a lot of household responsibilities and they have a lot of catching up to do with their academics themselves.Bato_Bato PikTabing Ilog KidsWe are indeed limited in time, resources and energy but we believe that all is not in vain. The small that we do is only a beginning and it shall grow. In faith, we give and dedicate our little to the Lord for we know it will go a long way in Him. Hence, we look forward to a brighter future for all these kids and teens. They’re going have it better than their parents. They’re going to be change makers. They’re going to shine for the Lord.Arrange YourselvesArrange YourselvesP.S.

Thank you so much for all those who happily extended their hearts and hands with us in this endeavor. You know who you are =)Arrange Yourselves According to Foot Size

Bato Bato Pik Team 1

Bato Bato Pik Team 2

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