Amphawa Floating Market (from above)

A MUST FOODIE DESTINATION: Thailand’s Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market Food Trip (Thailand)

Amphawa Floating MarketOh I love Thailand! Especially because of our food trip at the Amphawa Floating Market. I shall go back to this food-filled place. Everything is so affordable and tasty. I wish we had more time eating all that it has to offer. Next time, we shall absolutely stay longer and visit a couple other floating markets in the country. Unfortunately, I can’t remember all the names of the food we ate but does it really matter? =p All foodies should definitely include this in their buckEAT lists =DAmphawa Floating Market Colorful Drinks

Amphawa Floating MarketAmphawa Floating MarketAmphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market_Durian Ice CreamI can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed our food trip at Amphawa. I really really really REALLY had so much fun! Our stomachs came close to exploding from all the food we consumed, haha!Amphawa Floating MarketAmphawa Floating Market_Grilled SquidAmphawa Floating MarketAmphawa Floating Market_crabsAmphawa Floating MarketAmphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating MarketAmphawa Floating MarketTheir produce is also amazing! It’s my first time to see giant macopas and that other red fruit (picture below) which I can’t remember the name of. Their tamarind is the best! I wish I bought more to bring home. Finally, their lanzones!!! It is a taste of heaven!Amphawa Floating Market_Giant Macopa Amphawa Floating Market Amphawa Floating MarketLanzones (on the train)We also went for a boat ride into a firefly haven. We don’t have any decent picture of that magical site though. Our point-and-shoot camera just couldn’t handle it. Even so, I know you can imagine how beautiful and romantic that was. Wonderful!Firefly TourAnd because we can’t get enough…we wandered onto the streets for guess what? More fooooood!!! We were afraid we’d get hungry through the night =pAmphawa StreetsAmphawa Street FoodAmphawa Street Food_bbqI loved our accommodations too at At Casa Guesthouse. It was simple, pleasant and charming. Their attention to aesthetic details is truly remarkable.At Casa Complimentary

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