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Updated 2017 – 30 New Cafes and Restaurants To Try in Marilao and Meycauayan 2016

Hello Agosto!!! I am very excited to start a month-long series with you!^_^ That’s right, I am featuring one relatively new cafe or restaurant per day this whole month of August. Make sure to check them out next time you and your family or friends are dining out, celebrating or just chilling. I am sure that you have noticed the slew of cafes and restaurants popping up in the last couple of years here in Marilao (my hometown) and Meycauayan (my husband’s) and if you are like me, I’d like to try them all! I did say I’m featuring one per day so yes there are at least 30 of them and counting. And on the last day of this month, I am going to reveal my TOP 10 picks and you MUST definitely try them! By the way, this series is also in line with my personal burden and this blog’s advocacy to promote local homegrown enterprises, especially those that are really in it to win it. Exciting times!

So if you are finding Starbucks and J.Co way too crowded or getting a little boring (I kinda do), this is YOUR LIST! Let it make it clear though, I am in no way against either of the abovementioned companies. I enjoy their products and stores as much as the next person. Moreover, I salute them for the entrepreneurial inspiration and their brilliant marketing. Nonetheless, I believe there is enough market space for many of our local cafΓ©s and restaurants to thrive as well. More importantly, I am sure there is enough space in our hearts to show some love towards these start-ups and give them a chance. Sure, most of these are small and many are not as pimped up, refined and put together as other more established and very well funded ones but you gotta give it to them for the spirit. Do give them the benefit of your time and your constructive feedback. It is no joke to put up a brick-and-mortar business. I am certain that each one of these start-ups is a work of passion, faith and courage. Sadly, I have witnessed at least five closing down in the past year or so. I don’t know about you but it kinda breaks my heart. As a customer, I mourn the death of whatever good food that restaurant, store or cafΓ© had to offer. As an entrepreneur, I come face to face with the harsh reality of doing business. So scary!

I am not theoretically sure why but I have observed being local and nearby seem to work against enterprises here in the Philippines. Somehow, being local is still sadly equated to low quality, second class and cheap. I have spoken to a couple of entrepreneurs behind some of the better local cafΓ©s around (one have closed down ='{) and the sentiment is the same. People question and complain about the higher prices, no matter how reasonable it is given the quality of offered products. On the other hand, they are very willing to pay for the same quality under a foreign brand or a faraway establishment. If you have thoughts about this, please do share with me in the comment section below. 

Support Local

I just hope that with this simple series, I can contribute to the overall promotion of local entrepreneurship and help make it more vibrant and promising. It is upon us, the locals of Marilao and Meycauayan, to come together and show support and appreciation for these start-up businesses. It is only us who can be proud of them as our own. Remember that in the end, a vibrant local homegrown economy will benefit us all as a community. More jobs will be created, more taxes will be paid to fund development projects and the local tourism (based on food) will have a much-needed boost.

Why not make a challenge of trying each and every one of these with your friends?

Note: This post shall be updated regularly and do watch out for my Top 10 Picks by the end of this month. Make sure to also follow me on Instagram and Facebook for the daily features.

30 New Cafes and Restaurants To Try in Marilao and Meycauayan




 NameOfferingsPrice Range for 2LocationOpening HoursWiFiElectric Outlet?Parking?C.R.Contact #Others
1Krazy Kup Coffee + Milkshake Barcakes, pasta, sandwich, milkshakes, coffee-based drinks200-4002F Cindy Square, Abangan Norte, Marilao (above Robinsons Easymart)10AM-11PMYesYes (a lot)Yes (spacious)Yes (outside for the whole 2F - Separate M/F)0917-000-0000Pet-friendly
2Cafe Santaiosweets, rice meals, pasta, frappes250-400Rooftop, Lao Bldg, Calle Fabrica, Malhacan, Meycauayan and High Ground Food Park, Saog, Marilao (stall)3PM-12AMYesNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)0908-815-0961Al fresco
3Cafe J Blvdexotic pizzas, burger, rice toppings, nachos, frappes200-400Rock Castle, Saog, McArthur Hi-way, Marilao and High Ground Food Park, Saog, Marilao (stall)12NN-12MNYesYes (limited)Yes (for motorcycles)Yes (Shared M/F)0995-347-8920Access to board games for at least Php250 worth of food
4Pang Masa Ya Japanese Ramen Houseramen, rice bowls, sushi rolls, sashimi, skewers400-600Saog, McArthur Hi-way, Marilao (near Rock Castle)M-F > 5PM-12AM
Sa-Su > 5PM-2AM
NoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)0915 797 2084Delivery for nearby areas and minimum order of Php500
5FrappesMen Coffee & Bake Shoprice meals, waffle, pizza, pasta, cakes, frappes250-400Santiago St., Saog, Marilao11AM-11PMYesNoneNone (street)Yes (Shared M/F)0942-215-4648PROMO! Buy 1 Take 1 Cake Slice
6Gruhana Bitespasta, burgers, pancakes, frosts200-40040 Dinar St., St. Michael Subd., Pandayan, Meycauayan (beside St. Michael Chapel)Tu-Su > 1PM-11:00PMYesNoneNone (street)Yes (Shared M/F)0936-474-8425NOTE! Closed on Mondays
Delivery through Road Runner (0998-886-3139)
7Las Abuelas Bakeshop + Cafepasta, cheesecakes, frappes, ensaimada, cupcakes150-3501-D Albatross cor. Kingfisher St., St. Francis Subd., Pandayan, MeycauayanM-F > 1PM-10PM
Sa-Su >10AM-11PM
YesNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)0917-674-7311Remarkably affordable sweets
8Rec Area Cafe + Gamescupcakes, pasta, nachos, smoothies, iced coffee150-3502F RL Bldg., Abangan Norte, Marilao (above City Savings Bank and beside Town & Country Village)Su-Th > 1PM-10PM
F-Sa > 1PM-12AM
NoneYesYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)0906-801-4942They have about 50 different games to choose from
9I's Creamice cream, milkshakes, frappes, waffles, hot beverages100-150Pap'z Compound Food Park, Malhacan, MeycauayanTu-Sun > 11AM-9PMNoneNoneNone (street)NoneNOTE! Closed on Mondays
10Don Pollo (CLOSED)rice meals, pasta, pizza, frappe300-500Malhacan Road cor. Calle Fabreca/Malhacan-Pandayan Rd, Meycauayan (former Cafe Katsura)M-F > 3PM-10:30PM
Sa > 11AM-10PM
Su > 10AM-9PM
NoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)(044) 323 2809Seems to have closed but no official announcement on their FB page
11Style Studio Cafepizza, pasta, pancake, milk tea, frappes300-500Unit 10 Masagana Bldg., Santiago St., Poblacion 2, Marilao (near crossing and St. Michael Hospital)Su-Th > 1PM-11PM
Fr-Sat > 1PM-12AM
NoneNoneNone (street)Yes (Shared M/F)0925-546-7677
12DM's Steak & Shake Lounge Bar Cafe (CLOSED)steaks, burgers, pasta, pancit, pulutan300-5002F Bldg., 03 Zeus cor. Peso St., St. Michael Subd., Meycauayan6PM-12MNNoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)The current store is now closed but the owners shared they'd try to relocate by September
13Paburritos (CLOSED)Burritos, Burgers, Hotdogs, Tortillas, Tacos200-400Sandico St., Abangan Sur
Marilao (at the Y-intersection)
3PM-11PMNoneNoneNone (street)0927-654-3211
No aircon
14Box of Sweets by Punky Porcacupcakes, chocolates, cheesecakes, celebration cakes200-400G/F, San Miguel de Marilao Multi-Purpose Cooperative Bldg., San Miguel cor. De Vera St., Poblacion 2
Marilao (near St. Michael Parish)
Tu-Sa > 12NN-8PM
Su > 9AM-9PM
NoneNoneNone (at the Parish parking)Yes (outside the store)0925-727-7744
They make made-to-order fondant cakes
15ASV Cupcakery (CLOSED but still accepting made-to-orders)cupcakes, cakes, pasta, frappes, waffles200-400Lias Rd., Marilao (near Trade Highschool)Tu-Th > 1PM-9PM
F- Su > 1PM-10PM
YesNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)0908-940-9743They change their cupcake offerings every so often and the store is closed on Mondays
16Yoshinikuramen, rice bowls, salads, sushi rolls, tempura 300-500Unit 2, 03 Zeus cor. Peso St., St. Michael Subd., Meycauayan11AM-10PMNoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)(044) 797-0895
17Cozy Coffee + Wafflesbreakfast food, pasta, cupcakes, crepes, frappes300-5002F VAG Complex, Northbound NLEX Service Rd., Patubig, Marilao (near new Marilao Municipal Hall)Tu-Su > 2PM-11PMNoneNoneYes (spacious)Yes (Shared M/F)0923-637-1241
18Madelyn's Rib Jointpizza, pasta, rice meals, arroz caldo300-500786 Daang Munti St., Saluysoy, Meycauayan (beside Wil Oil)2PM-11PMNoneNoneYes (spacious)Yes (outside for the whole bldg - Separate M/F)0933-011-0921
19Little Cafenachos, fries, frappes, sandwich, sweets300-500786 Daang Munti St., Saluysoy, Meycauayan (beside Wil Oil)11AM-11PMNoneYes (limited)Yes (spacious)Yes (outside for the whole bldg - Separate M/F)0915-185-5315
20Kebab Connectionkebab, buffalo wings, shawarma, keema, biryani200-400Pap'z Compound Food Park, Malhacan, Meycauayan1PM-1AMNoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)0915 914 5261No aircon
21Sip & Treatswaffles, cupcakes, nachos, sandwiches, pasta150-3505 Yen St., St. Michael Subd., Pandayan Meycauayan,2PM-9PMYesNoneNone (street)Yes (Shared M/F)0923 414 9562No aircon
22Noah's Cafe (now Noah's Treat)ramen, waffles, pasta, silog, sizzling300-500Service Road, Metrogate Village, Meycauayan2PM-9PMNoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)formerly Noah's Treat
23360 Coffeefrappes, pasta, sandwiches, sweets, tea150-3500351 Bancal, McArthur Hi-way, Meycauayan (beside 360 Salon)M-Th > 12NN-10PM
F-Su > 12NN-12AM
YesYes (limited)None (street)Yes (in the attached 360 Salon - Shared M/F)0977-300-2395
24EBC Cafesweets, chicken wings, pasta, rice meals150-3502F JC Plaza, Calvario St., Meycauayan (on the way to Old Meycauayan Market)M-Sa > 11AM-8PMYesYesYesYes (downstairs - Separate M/F)(044) 228-6073
25Jeka's Cafepasta, nachos, fries, sweets, frappes200-400Network Ave., (near playground)NoneYes (limited)None (street)None
26Bizhio Coffeeshotrice meals, sandwiches, pizza cones, pasta, frappes, alcohol300-5009095 Lias Rd., MarilaoM-Su > 2PM-12AMYesNoneYes (limited)Yes (outside for the whole compound - Shared M/F)0917-568-3258
27Curiositeanachos, fries, sausage sandwich, milk tea, smoothies150-35023 Network Ave., Meralco Village, Lias, Marilao (near playground)M-Su > 1PM-9PMNoneNoneNone (street)None
28Avenida Pasteleria by Eggenflourcakes, breads, pasta, pizza, coffee300-50003 Zeus cor. Peso St., St. Michael Subd., MeycauayanW-M > 2PM-11PMNoneNoneYes (limited)Yes (Shared M/F)(044) 693-3532 0917-518-3628closed on Tuesdays
29Qhaveh Khaneh Coffee Shop150-350El Camino Real Rd., Sto. Nino, Meycauayan (within the narrow street between CDO and Dunkin Donut) Su-Th > 2PM-10PM
F-Sa > 12NN-10PM
YesNone None (street)Yes (Shared M/F)0977-134-9750
30Dominus Caferice meals, pasta, sandwiches250-450Ricoro Square, Main Road, Heritage Homes, MarilaoM-Su > 12NN-10PMYesYes (limited)None (street)Yes (in the next establishment - Shared M/F)0977-812-8593



  1. I have noticed that you have done a VERY half-hearted feature, and spent a LOT LESS effort on taking photos for #17. Quite unfair for them, eh? The thing is, I’ve been to this place, tasted their food and drinks, and I’ve loved them all! I just wished that you took more photos of the place (the place looks really nice and COZY), and tasted more of their food, just like what you did to the other 29 that you featured. I wonder how the owners of #17 felt about this.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your impassioned interest towards Cozy Coffee + Waffles. I am glad to hear that you are an avid supporter of a local cafe, which is what we’re after here. This advocacy series endeavored to promote local cafes and restaurants here in Marilao and Meycauayan and we did it absolutely FREE. We were not paid in any way by any of these cafes and restaurants, including Cozy Coffee + Waffles. We paid for what we ate and did everything within the limitation of our personal budget and equipment. In that light, I believe each one of the entrepreneurs behind these start-ups appreciated this pro-bono promotion (as they have told us themselves). The lighting in that store is quite low and because of that we ended up with just one decent picture. Nonetheless, we used their Facebook Page photos, which are awesome, to further promote them in our own Facebook Page. Do stop by their social media (if you haven’t) and express your utmost appreciation of their store and share your photos as well. I am sure they’re going to love that and it would help promote them as well. God bless! =)

  2. Do you have more detailed reviews of these restaurants?

    • Hi Romz! Thank you so much for your interest in this month-long blog advocacy series^_^. I’ll be posting a round-up of My Top 10 Picks by the end of August so watch out for that. As for detailed reviews, I am definitely looking to write such honest reviews. However, I’m feeling this might be a little too early for the starting cafes and restaurants I am and I’ll be featuring here. I am afraid it might be counter-productive either way – if I praise or criticize given that most of them, if not, all are still on their learning curve stage (some don’t even have complete addresses on their Facebook page!O-O). If I lean on praising them so as to get you to try them, you might go there with high expectations and risk being disappointed. I say this because this has happened to me many times reading and believing reviews. On the other hand, if I be a little critical, this might discourage you to go check them out altogether. Thus, what I am trying to promote here is for us, locals to give them a chance with open hearts and open minds, untainted by anyone’s personal taste or preference. Let us give them the benefit of time and our constructive feedback. I’m hoping that this humble advocacy will be of great help to all the entrepreneurs behind the cafes and restaurants. May they learn from it as well.
      Again, thank you so much for dropping by, may this listing be a helpful reference to you for your next dine out. Have you tried any of those featured so far? ^_^

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